Your pets are our pets

Your pets deserve a holiday just as much as you do. Australian Pet Boarding is the award winning, Vet and RSPCA used and approved boarding facility located on the picturesque Mid North Coast.


changes are now in place on the pacific highway

Locating Australian Pet Boarding during roadworks

Now that traffic is two-way in front of Australian Pet Boarding finding us is easy by following the instructions below.

Traffic Change - access Australian Pet BoardingTraffic Change - access Australian Pet Boarding

Open 7 days

The ‘leave it’ command is like gold.  Rowdie is 100% improved in the car – whenever he barks at cars now all I have to say is leave it and he stops.

Mark has made extensive improvements to the facility including…enlarged dog kennels and increased exercise/play-time for the dog at the facility.

On many occasions I have witnessed Marks ability in problem solving with dogs. Having participated with my dog, I know his unique training techniques really do work.

Over the years I have referred many dogs with behavioural problems to Mark, be it aggression, barking, house training, socialising or simply curing bad habits.

contact the australian pet boarding staff for details

Luxury one-acre fully enclosed boarding kennel now open for bookings!


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